Monday, November 7, 2011

You Are One Today!!

My Sweet little you turned 1!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLT!! At 8:24pm you made your debut into this world and have kept us on our toes ever since. A few things I want to remember about this wonderful age.
- started walking at 11 months
- saying dada, tan tu (thank you), mama, bye bye, do (dog), yaya
- claps, dances, gives and blows kisses, plays peek a boo, gives high fives and loves to snuggle when he's tired
- weight about 25 lbs (same as his sister) and no idea on the height
- loves balls, trucks, four wheelers, tractors, and digging through cabinets

He's learning every day and I love to watch him and his sister interact. She wants to hang on him all the time and hug him and kiss him. He'll allow it for a couple of minutes and then start to pull her hair. She screams and cries for a second and then the cycle repeats itself. But they do LOVE to hold each others hand. It's so so sweet!! She walks real slow so he can keep up. If he cries she will be the first to run over and say "what's the matter little baby? You want your mommy? Hang on, I'll go get her!" It's hilarious! We pray every night to thank the Lord for this miracle baby. We only hope that we can raise him to be a Godly, humble man who walks in the way of the Lord. Who stands up for his family. Who treats women and others with respect. Who finds his place in this world and strives to do the work that the Lord has prepared long ago for him.


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